Case study : Engagement on digital is superior to followers

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In our instinct of digital planning and execution of 100+ hotels globally, we at Fullscoop have been several times requested for helping hotels in raising fan base of digital assets.

Another similar instance happened recently while having a great discussion with General Manager of a premium hotel in Delhi. There team’s immediate target with digital branding was to get higher number of Likes then there competitors. When I had a look at analytics, I noticed that the competitor had 10x number of Likes then their hotel had, but ‘zero interaction’. The competitor didn’t cared about there fans, neither their fans cared about them. We advised doing reverse brainstorming approach – by competing in ‘raising engagement’ instead.

In span of 30 days, we ran several campaigns to offer value to users, contests, beautiful graphics. To add icing on the cake, we planned offering short videos with original stories about internal dedicated team members. This not only raised curiosity among followers to know more about people who run hotel, but the team at hotel too got more connected with digital as realizing that they care about them.

Our clients digital rankings raised 200%. Eventually, it is very important for brands to realize that Fans come from engagement. Engagement comes from Relationships. It’s must to focus on adding value to existing fans, new fans will themselves follow.

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