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Videos, or better let’s call it new blogging. Making videos looks erratic, but it needs the same theory that we followed in writing blogs – trying, trying, and trying.

With changing digital dynamics – videos have completely taken over stagnant images, and several types of research have found that brands who are doing good with videos, plus, are doing it consistently, have certain common points.

1. Story Telling : Your audience witnesses approximately more than 7000 ad’s every single day, they are least interested to increase direct ad’s. Worst enough if this come through the most interesting medium of circulating information & knowledge presently, i.e. ‘videos’. Henceforth, the videos need to include story’s – we all love good engaging stories. Length of your video should be determined by the fact that till what duration your story is able to keep audience engaged, it shouldn’t be too short, nor should be too lengthy.

2. The Kickstart : First 3 seconds decide if audience is going to see complete video. Remember ‘Skip Ad’ option over Youtube? It gives a warning message to brand advertiser if video isn’t attractive enough, people will skip through. It ensures user experience doesn’t get hindered. Keep the start & punchline attractive enough.

3. Clarity of Ask : While ensuring your video remains short and up to the point, you’ll need to ensure major objective of communication gets fulfilled. If video is for any offer, information, or promotional campaign, that has to be displayed bold and beautiful.

4. Vertical Videos : We all know that mobile penetration is very rapidly surpassing other modes, with this, we need to focus more on Vertical videos than horizontal. As the graph explains, the reach on vertical videos is higher.

5. Digital Ad’s : Once you have your final cut video in hand, do basic edits through several available software. Finally, ensure your video gets posted with lucrative post content that lures eyeballs over video, and target through ad’s to the right audience.

Happy Video Making! 🙂

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