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Travel is and has been a passion for many from a very long time. All that a traveler seeks after a long journey and tour is to recline in a soothing atmosphere, which can also help them to make the best of their vacations with fun.

As the figures say 61% of the travel marketing spend is going to online channels, for Brands this mean that hospitality marketing is now intertwined with digital marketing. So it is very important to have a sophisticated online strategy.

The question is “How can a Hotel use or be the travelers’ choice?”

The best answer could be to have frequent offers for them onsite…

But probably not the only answer. Online promotions can be equally effective or even better. All we need to do is to show that we have something good and special for travelers. Which is not very hard to do.

If you have a property close to any local attraction, you have already scored 6 on 10. For the remaining 4 all you need to do next is to be the first choice for them. And that can be done by maintaining a good online presence as the online hotel booking culture is paving its roots very fast.

Apart from fascinating Social Media Pages, review management will be the next job. As I always say it is the digital replacement to word of mouth. The next best thing would be looking after Google My business. As it is the first thing a viewer would see through a search engine.

So maintaining a good Digital and Online Presence can be proved to be quite effective not only for permanent guests but also for visitors. And for the Digital Marketing Ideas and concepts stay connected with us. 🙂

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