Digital Trends For Hotels ~ 2018

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Digital industry is changing with rapid pace, it is important to refresh strategy as per need of the year. Gathering our experience and insights –

“Top 5 tips to plan Digital Strategy for 2018”

1. Flash-back 2017 : Quickly glance what campaigns worked for your hotel in 2017. It can assist to know which features fans of your page are responding most to.

2. Annual Strategy & Goals : Digital branding is no longer about periodical updates that are to be done only while having some festival, event, celebrity visit, etc.. Plan very initially to have yearly strategy, divide into top 5 marketing priorities.

3. Distribute Digital Marketing Budget : In 2018, it is strongly advised to broaden the horizon from only Facebook marketing. Instagram, Google My Business, OTA’s are much important to be focused on. We at Fullscoop advice proactive quarterly plans to our clients to plan strategy.

4. Platforms to be covered :

Social Media Management : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube. Keeping all activities as Mobile optimized, is mandatory.

Review Management : All OTA’s (Trip Adviser, MMT, Expedia, etc..), Social Media Platforms, Zomato, Google Reviews, etc..

Search Engine Optimization : Covering onpage and offpage SEO to increase Website visitors.

Digital Ad’s : PPC, Facebook Likes and Boosting Ad’s, Instagram. Hyperlocal target ad – Hoteliers can simply upload their guest’s email database and add a Facebook pixel on the website to create new audiences similar to these profiles. This can do wonders.

Video Channels : Images are so 2017 thing, more videos will engage audience in this year. It will help selling experience as hotelier.

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Planning these can help reaching to more target audience with better positioning. We welcome you in social media of 2018 to do some great and valuable work. 🙂

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