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Today the use of social Internet platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Personal Mailers/SMS, have revolutionized not only how people interact with each other but also how businesses interact with consumers. Internet undoubtedly brings many opportunities to hospitality industry businesses. We at Fullscoop are aligned to assist 50+ hotels to achieve great digital presence.

If you are a member of the Facebook community, then you know Facebook ads are alive and thriving, and many different types of ads are available for use depending on your end goal. Here are most important TYPES OF FACEBOOK ADS-

  1. Page Likes – Having “likes” is important because it gives your page a certain social proof. When you see that other people like the ad it is like a personal referral. They make it easy to make one click and follow the business. Once you become a fan of a page, you are kept up to date with their news and offers. The more fans of your page, the broader your audience. This ad could be targeted to very selective audience, like people who live in Bangalore, are between age group 22-50 yrs, and hold interest of fine dining, parties, etc..
  2. Page Post Engagement – Any picture or status update that you post on your page will have an organic reach. You can gain more exposure by placing same post as sponsored post, in front of audience you like. Imagine how many people you could reach!
  3. Clicks to Website – These ads are helpful when you are trying to get someone from Facebook to your website. This through remarketing ad, could be targeted to people who have once visited your website, as cookies will help showing ad to specific that audience.
  4. Location Ad – One of the most essential form of ad for retailers. Herein you may target audience who are located among 10 km radius of your restaurant.
  5. Website Conversations – These will come in handy if you want to get someone to your page to “do something”. If you want someone to come purchase a product or webinar, then you should use a website conversion ad. This not only gets them to your page, but directs them to action.
  6. App Installs – If you have an app or program you want downloaded, this is the way to go. For instance , there are a lot of gamer apps on Facebook and many of us receive invite from a friend that is engaging with an app.
  7. Event Response – Facebook Events are a great way for event organizers to attract more visitors. If you want to boost the reach of your event/contest/campaign, use this ad unit with the right targeting options. Do you have a conference or big event coming up? These ads get you a yes/maybe/no response. You want to not only let your audience know about your event, but you want them to go ahead and RSVP.
  8. Offer Claims – If you have a special deal, try these ads out. They get someone to click and claim a deal/discount/or coupon. Everyone likes to feel like they are getting a deal! This will drive clients to your product.

Do explore, analyse. We’ll be happy to assist in your endeavor in best way we can. You may buzz us on [email protected]

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